A Road Map to better Pakistan ( public and free manifesto )

This Article is nothing like rocket science where you need super brains and complex mathematical formulas to solve complex problem. In fact this is quite the simple stuff which can easily be implemented by any government in any country however at the moment most of the points below are meant for Pakistan.

This is a road map plan or manifesto which was hypothetically or supposedly implemented by a ruler party in a country in a parallel universe far far away from our universe just like Lucas Films movies.

The manifesto will be given with headings with pros and cons.

Reforms in Tax Structure:

At the moment people of Pakistan are paying taxes to 5 different authorities on any level and along with that some people are paying extra while most are paying almost near to none. So all of these different taxation department will be merge into one big taxation department which will provide same services in every corner of country to help people and ease the process.

So here what we will do once we came in power.

  1. Reduction in GST Tax from 17 % to 7 % to increase buying power of normal consumer. That will also reduce our poverty in the country. This will also help to stabilize economy by increasing people purchasing power and help them in living a better living.
  2. Removal of GST tax on daily usage items like milk, cooking items, vegetables and meat.
  3. Increase of Income tax on each individual who is earning from 10 % as start to 50 % as final slab depending on how much a person is earning.
  4. Increase of income tax on corporate level on all industries by making all the business tax slab to same level or close to it. Their is absolutely no need to tax a cotton industrialist 30 % and 3 % to agriculture land lord. We will abolish this divide or reduce the gap hence increasing taxes for some and decreasing for some.
  5. Implement property tax on all properties depending on the area size and actual rate of the property maintained by dc rate.
  6. Luxury class tax implementation on luxury cars or any car which is above 1000 cc.
  7. Merger of all tax departments into one department to provide easy to access and one window solution to people.
  8. Adding more staff ( expert accountants and tax guys ) to help people with their tax issues and queries.
  9. A process will be carried out to s+implify the tax process.

Job Creations :

Some of the government departments need lack the necessary staff to make them more workable and better.

2 such examples are FBR and Nadra which are in good financial shape and can easily create more jobs to not only benefit people but also help people with jobs and professional help.

FBR lakcs consultant and advisory services and it should be available to every one. Nadra need to increase its staff strength and also need to add new locations on its map grid around the Pakistan to help citizen of Pakistan.

More mega center like Lahore and Islamabad centers need to be added all over the country to increase jobs in the market and also make people living easy.

Start of closed government operated industries and restrict government subsidies to use their services..

New hospitals, schools, colleges offering technical, vocational and format educational centers will be constructed on every district level from one end to other end. Priority will be given to less developed area. The fund for these will be arranged by private partnership or by giving a portion of tax which will be provided by reducing the current govt expenses. Implementation of these structures will create more jobs and provide a better living and future to rest of the people.

Austerity Drive Implementation:

Pakistan is a poor government country with lots of loans and debts added to its accounts every minute. In order to solve this problem. All the extra benefits offered to govt employees will be reduced to significant number ( this will not applied to medical or study relief offered to their kids or family members however free electricity, petrol, group of servants offered to them will be removed substantially or entirely depending on the nature of the department ).

Along with that all the luxuries bunglows will be converted with luxury flats to provide more housing space to govt employees in same area while reducing the burden of maintaining them on government.

Foreign medical grant will be given by a careful examination of a group of medical experts.

Streamlining of processes and departments :

Education boards will be merge or streamline in one federal board and same curriculum will be offer through out the country to improve the quality of education standard. A proper team will be formed consist of expert in the field to adjust , modify or update education structure from class 1 to higher studies.

Research & Development Drive :

For any country to progress and prosper with leap and bounds in the world research  & development is the most fundamental and required necessity. In order to compete with the rest of world in this demanding time. 5 % of the total gdp of budget will be reserve for research & development in any field. This fund will be available to universities students , professors and skilled people regardless of their educational background.

In order to facilitate r&d based culture a complete overhaul will be perform on the education sector.

Business venture Partnership Drive :

In order to facilitate business establishment and increase job market. A separate ministry will be created to provide funds to young entrepreneur on the basis of interest free loan or on the basis of equity with strong criteria of requirements and assurance to make sure that the money is spend wisely and in case of success or failure a proper case study is available for future ventures.

Business Reforms :

In order to promote a better environment for business operators and consumer. A complete overhaul drive will be performed on standardizing the business practice to make sure that protection of business interest will be taken place but with proper checks and balance.

Educational Reforms :

In order to equip our nation with latest knowledge base while also keeping our religious and cultural values. A necessary course adjustment will be implemented through out the country and also the difference between different education factions will be reduce. Same educational standard will be forced on all institutes including govt , semi govt, private and madrassas as well.

Restructure of Accountability Department :

More power will be given to accountability department with complete check and balance on every action taken by the officials to make sure that they are working with the best intentions and interest for the country. Their will be no pully bargain or shortcuts or leverages afterwards in the system.

Quality check and Control:

A through quality check and control will be implemented in all level from food to retail business to import export. Only those who are offering services with good QA will be given priority on the basis of merit. Proper measure will be taken to keep the prices in check in accordance with price inflation on rs value.

Import & Export Streamlining:

Proper set and rules will be implemented for the advancement in this section along with simplifying the process along with encouraging local and small industries to increase the export volume of the country.

Local industry will be given preference and different MOU and treaty will be formed to encourage local assembly and manufacturing of equipment’s and raw materials into conversion of value added goods.

Appointment and Management Reforms

In order to improve country financial and management issues. Well educated and professional expert will be hire into different ministries and organization. Appointment on the basis of Political affiliation will be avoided as much as possible.

Development Goals :

Establishment of new Eco-friendly cities around the old cities to balance the population load and inflow towards big cities.

Mass transit train system ( underground and on the existing rail network )

Construction of high rise buildings to provide low cost flats to masses.