A desperate u-turn we need from Imran Khan. The nation demands for it.

Yes. You read the title right. I considering myself from the normal struggling middle class awam of Pakistan is proudly and without any shame asking for this.

Mr Imran Khan, You were our leader, before becoming the Prime Minister of Pakistan. A person who looks, talks and present much better and was image of improved version of our political system. We ( me and many others like me ) are called youthia because we voted for you. Raise arguments and long discussion with our friends and family members. You cannot imagine how hard it is to convince the old people in this country to do something in the system filled with traditional saying like “start say hi sher ko vote dia hai” and “bhutto zinda hai” or the bigger one “Imran Khan k pass mulk chalanay ka tujarba hi nahi hai, wo kia kar laay ga. Nawaz Sharif to start say hi hakoomat mai hai”.

Because of you we fight against everyone. Got so many names for your vision. My friends who supported PTI are disappointing now and those who voted for the old system now make fun of us whenever they get the chance for it.

I can understand that in order to join the ruling elite club of Pakistan. You made a lot of sacrifices, struggle and forging a govt with very less power margin is not something which can be ignored as it gives you very less authority. It forced you to accept and swallow few bad flies as well.

We are totally OK with that but “Mr Khan” you and only you need to understand this what I am going to say because at the moment what I am seeing is that only 1 / 5th of the people in your party and in your government are mostly loyal to you and probably doing something as well. For the rest its the business as usual.

So what we need from you is to break the concept of electable or the experience one.

Make yourself more strong. We all educated people know that you alone were not enough to fight our system but now you have the chance to change it. So go for it with some presentation.

You need to make strong and radical choices. Changing a system which was fed and planted 40 years ago and become more like a parasite for the nation now but you need to become an axe for everyone regardless of your friends or foe, your political partners or enemies.

So kindly do what is necessary for the nation and what you promised for the last 22 years and led one whole generation to follow you.

You are doing good but its not great. You need to win hearts. We pray that ALLAH give you enough time and health to get a second term but you also need to cut ties with those who are going against you and change the whole picture here.

Let me allow you to give you few suggestions which you can still do with your current govt setup. This does not requires you to go to parliament and allow other’s to blackmail you for benefits.

1) Removal of GST from some items to benefit normal people. Reason is that a person who is earning basic labor salary of 15000 a month is paying the same gst on medicine and daily use Items which is also purchased by a person earning 1.5 million a month. This is atrocity and gives FBR a relaxation on its side.

A tax should be applied on items depending on their class or quantity. Not all of us purchase branded pet food but with the current situation everyone in Pakistan is forced to eat medicine or food items.

2) Nab need a proper structure and since with the opposition and current constitution you can’t do anything about it but you can force it to remove the biggest fraud and plunder with this nation in name of pully bargain. It seems that right now the most easiest way to become rich in Pakistan is by fraud and then get yourself protected and clean under the umbrella of NAB itself.

3) Remove inequality from the standard of NAB and FBR. If I am rich and earning billions from my brand or factory then I should not be allowed to give a free hand or tax freedom by FBR head just because I have political ties , close friend or making lots of money and deserve tax rebate or something.

4) You are begging and running for investment without looking at the main thing. I.e you need to market your country. That does not mean hire few celebrities and do rodeo show or do costly advertisements. You need to show them that you are serious and mean business. We can understand the excuse that going after politicians makes danger for our jambhooriat but what about the rest. Pick any scandal from housing societies to insurance scam to people like double shah. You can go after them with full force and no one in the political system would like to gain negative attention by defending them but this will show people here and abroad that you are serious and can protect their interests as well. You know the slogan “America is the land of freedom and opportunity” they market it and get all the great brains from the rest of the world.

5) Everyone in the govt says that people of Pakistan don’t pay taxes while the truth is that only oxygen is tax free at this very moment in Pakistan. The thing is that the current govt setup is design to benefit the big fishes and quick to send notices for a 5 marla house every month in a record time and on the same end fbr has no idea how much tax money is collected by services companies in telecom , media , sales and food business. The example of restaurants in Islamabad is fairly new and everyone in govt gave them free hand. That is a billions rs example alone of Capital city where in some places a price of Tea is more then a Mistri (mason) whole day salary before taxes.

6) Some industries are given free hand in terms of tax e.g IT so that it can be promoted and I would say its a great thing but honestly speaking their are bad and black sheeps in this industry as well who are playing the same dodge game of hiding money like the rest of garment and cement Industry. You need to tax them as well and use that money to promote the IT industry. A smaller % of tax will Help the young generation more. Being a Sw engineer myself and part of the system I can say that I am giving the worst idea here but how can you promote a trend by also providing inequalities. On the other hand none of the governments after General Pervaiz Musharraf (the slayer of Nawaz Shareef govt and destroyer of our so called Jambhooriat) provide any incentive or benefits. Let alone we have a doctor on the ministry of IT and a lawyer for the ministry of science and technologies. Both are totally misfit at the moment and were best in their previous positions compare to this.

7) Their are lots of areas or industries which need to be regulated and taxed but strangely enough no one talk about them from construction to dairy farm to agriculture. You don’t have any interest in them so would be nice if you take your interest on it. Please not that the farmer is already suffering so shifting some of his misery on upper level will be a relief for him.

8 ) We are a consumer country so why don’t you pass a law that will force these foreign brands to assemble or manufacture half of their products here. In past govt time “Shahbaz Shareef” bought thousands of over priced laptops mixed with a local brand and that only raised few jobs why don’t you ask them to manufacture them here and allow the transfer of technologies or start a factories here as well.

9 ) Since you already appointed non elected people in your team, in fact more then 70 % why don’t you also pick few more patriot idiots from the local population who are expert or related to their fields and may be proved more better equipped to work with in their ministries. Their are lots of areas which are capped or unattended and can raise 10 times to 100 times more money and jobs then what they are doing now along with good revenue. You need fresh blood. If you appoint new “masheers” who are actually expert and can work 14 hours a day and show some progress then nation will be with you and stand behind you supporting you.Your opposition won’t be able to cash out your decisions in the same way they are doing now. Let the tv anchors and politicians cry, we don’t care as long as we are getting what we were promised and we are seeing it happening.

10 ) You talk about savings then why don’t you start with all the free benefits offered to govt employees. Would be nice if you stop the free electricity slabs , free travelling, lavish homes with drivers and cars with green plates. Their is absolutely no need to give a head of department a land cruiser, pajero or mercedes. He can drive a honda city, wagon r or perhaps a baleno with green number plate as well. I witness a person receiving 3+ lac rs as pension after retirement in a bank and from the way he was talking it was clearly evident that this person never did anything good for the country and after spending 30 years in a govt company he was still complaining and remembering how he used to make a call and people from bank will come to his office running. We don’t need 3 lac rs pensioners. That’s too much. You need to look into it. We don’t need 6 millions rs CEO for PIA or any other govt institute with the fact that they are the worst leaches in the system. These people are not doing Govt of Pakistan any favor. They were doing their jobs just like you so their should be a limit for them as well.

11) You talk about educational and medical reforms but how can you see any progress in them without forcing your own ministers, govt servants and other people related to govt to first use them. If they will use these utilities then see how things get better just in mere days.

Its still time to identify your friend and foes in your inner trusted circle. You are a wise man and you don’t need to listen to your close circle every time. Consult with your awam in the same way as you were with 2 months back with abhi nandan war drama and whole nation was with you trolling your opponents and enemies of country at the same time.

We don’t need roads or metros. What we need is the balance system where everyone can easily fit in.

With this I conclude my post here.

"Kash k teray dill mai utar jaay meri baat."

“Kash k teray dill mai utar jaay meri baat.”

Pakistan Zindabaad.

Photo Credit : https://www.facebook.com/ImranKhanOfficial/