How to earn money from home ?

I Started my career and in 2008 in last year of my university as an Internee in software house which was making its money by selling free magazine. Yes free magazine. Their main source of income was the advertisement from different vendors who were paying them quite handsome amount to place their ad on the pages.

So what was the downfall of it ?

They did not plan for long. Money was good so were their expenses going sky high.

Little background for the title of this post :

So after doing some jobs , facing illness after my newly job which was ended after 4 months since the company owner decided to walk out of every thing to favor his main business and leave every one behind wiggling their head.

I was introduced to freelancing or ( earn money by taking small jobs ) by one of my Project Manager.

As a freelancer I got the luxury to stay at home and work on the projects while spending more time in the comfort of my room. Working was good. their was low competition and I Was also passionate about my work and this new reality. Soon I was in top 10 in one of my skill in scriptlance which was at that time, a very good freelancing website.

So the things started rolling for the next few year till I jump into the pool of starting my own company / agency , hire few guys and scale up my work to next level.

What I am going to tell you here is the middle time between my job and the agency I started.

How To earn money from home with nothing?

Well its not that much nothing but I actually started with one desktop pc at that time. Yup the only dekstop pc I had in my home at that time. An intel genuine pentium 4 which was quite good with running GTA Vice city but failed to run need for speed underground edition at that time.

Most of the things are pretty much same till this date. You need some basic know how of a computer if you are not IT student or have no idea about web development or graphics designing techniques.

Their are lots of other areas in which you require very less skill or knowledge to make a start like these skills below along with some highly trained skills. I mentioned all of them below which I used , was hired or I hired others to do for me.

  • Data entry jobs
  • Simple Voice-over
  • Translation of scripts
  • Working as virtual assistant
  • Accountant
  • Sale Lead Generator
  • Bidder or Business Development Manager
  • Proof Reading
  • Testing
  • Personal Shopper
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Quality Assurance

So how to make a start?

First of all you need to make account on any of the following websites.

After that you need to spend a fare amount of time in understanding these websites and how they work. Best advice here is to pick one and understand how it works. Once you get hang of it then move to another one.

Best Tip to start : Focus on one skill and then take its online exam on the website and show it on your profile.

From here its on your own. I ll probably update this post in few weeks time to add few more important key points as well.

Best of luck folks.